Castlewood Skills Loop

The Castlewood Skills Loop has been completely hand built.  Its Blue grade option runs the perimeter of the skills area, and involves some smooth wide trails, small boardwalk sections and a bridge.  The Red grade option runs down the middle of the skills area, with some super tight turns, narrow boardwalk, berms, drop-offs and a chunky rock garden. There's even a wooden banked horseshoe.  Finally, the Black option runs parallel with the Red. Here we have the 'Corkscrew' North Shore structure that runs along a natural ditch, which leads you to the extra chunky rock garden. 

The Castlewood Skills Loop is designed to give you a taster of what to expect out on the main Deadwater Trail. Why not ride a few laps to warm up, and try out the different features.

THERE IS A SIGN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SKILLS LOOP WHICH EXPLAINS SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  PLEASE READ IT BEFORE YOU RIDE ANY OF OUR TRAILS.  For your convenience, and with thanks to modern technology, you can download that sign here. (Don't worry - it's a 'virtual' sign).

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