Bloody Bush and Lonesome Pine (Red Grade)

lonesomepinetileThe combination of both Lonesome Pine and Bloody Bush mtb trails gives an impressive 33km of red grade trail riding and gives riders singletrack to the border to tie in with existing routes. 

The Lonesome Pine Trail has been designed as a cross country trail for riders who love a blast and also for riders just starting out on red grade trails.

This trail is open flowing so you won't find many rock drop offs, or technical features.  This trail allows progression from blue grade trails to the technical Deadwater Red Grade Trail on the other side of the valley.  If you like views, you're in for a treat.  Once you get to the Lonesome Pine section you can see for miles.  On the trail you will be riding on one of the longest sections of Northshore in the UK.  If you hit this section on a windy day, you'll understand why it's 2 metres wide!




bloodybushtileThe Bloody Bush mtb trail links Kielder Water and Forest Park to the Scottish border and the famous 7 Stanes bike centre at Newcastleton.  It offers an awesome adventure ride through some of the UK's wildest terrain (so be prepared).

The trail takes its name from a location on the border marked by a stone pillar which commemorates a pitched battle between English cattle raiders and their Scottish pursuers in medieval times.

Aimed at intermediate level off-roaders, it speeds through trees and moorland in what is quite literally, the middle of nowhere...

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